La Perla a Cape Town Restaurant

9 Sep

La Perla can be described as cool Italian pasta and sea food restaurant overlooking the Atlantic. Although it’s an institution which has been roughly around from the 1950’s in Cape Town’s Central business district but moved on to their recent area in 1969, La Perla nonetheless manages to keep up their old-school atmosphere. Its actual bar and sofa area is perfect for some sort of pre-dinner party watermelon drink during a simmering summertime night, not to mention the just lately added patio corner is simply a great supplement, specifically on a warm summertime time night.

la perla

The actual servers from La perla have in several instances happen to be there from the first day. Retro-stylish La Perla, have their waiters in white-colored overcoats The moment you’ve these folks in your confidence you are able to share in his or her’s encyclopedic know-how of their personal heritage of the hub. The particular restaurant is old world at it’s finest, along with fitted waiters together with platters of veggies on the side.hate it or love it, La Perla is definitely a business, that has been a fabulous fixture in Sea Point’s promenade for years. Drill down into hearty veal, seafood as well as steak foods or perhaps try a light greens over a balmy summer’s day time on the external terrace. Appreciate anything within the lengthy food list of noodles while you relax upon the rooftop shaded by stout palm trees. The sultry bar is perfect for post-prandial drinks.

Massive sliding windows, horizontal supports, top panels and ’70s lights now have got retro appeal; chiseled seating coupled with tasselled Italian made upholstery also have survived. Orange is a feature coloring, with specks dotted inside and outside.

la perla capetown

With reviews similar to that of:

“Truly great Italian made food and also sea food with excellent service but it’s not much of a cheap night out. Enjoyed an amazing thinly sliced up beef main serving and that was in fact one of my finest meals inside of the past Twelve months. Cocktails upon the veranda while the sun sets is undoubtedly a before-supper must. Strongly suggested for an amazing occasion out.”


“Nostalgia honored With it’s raised wood-panelled roofs and glass frontage this eating place appears like something out from a great 1970’s Hollywood film set.”

It’s obvious to see how come La Perla is surely a very favorite bistro destination in Cape Town


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